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FTP Training Program

Introducing the FTP Training Awards!

We all know a little extra training can make all the difference out on course.

By increasing your fitness and skill you’ll be able to push to new levels of performance, achieve personal bests and smash previous stage times!

To help keep you motivated and to ensure you enjoy the ride as much as possible, we have partnered with FTP Training who are offering all registered riders a FREE 12 Week Training Program valued at $79!

Want to sign up for the Free 12 Week FTP Training Program? Simply opt-in when you register for the Cape to Cape MTB, or if you have already registered, sign up here before the 30th of July, 2017.

How do I qualify for the awards?

This year will see the start of a new competition within a competition. Everyone is very aware of the superb efforts by those super skinny and impossibly fast elite riders, but for most mere mortals the chances of landing a podium in amongst the elite is almost impossible.

Together, Cape to Cape MTB and FTP Training want to make sure all riders are rewarded. We know it’s not only the elite riders who have sacrificed huge amounts to train hard. Alongside busy lifestyles as mums or dads, as well as working full weeks, it’s not easy.

So how do you qualify for the FTP Awards? To be a part of this competition at the Cape to Cape MTB simply upgrade to a $149 value plan at the discounted event sponsored rate of just $79. This incredibly well-valued upgrade will give you access to a training program specifically designed so that any fitness level can participate, and better yet, designed with the unique Cape to Cape MTB course in mind.

The training program is delivered each week along with specific media content from FTP Training athletes such as previous Cape to Cape MTB champions, Peta Mullens and Mark Tupaski, who will be covering skills classes, racing strategies, course analysis, strength and conditioning, stretching, nutritional advice and much more! It also includes access to monthly webinars which are delivered by qualified FTP Training MTB coaches who have all raced the Cape to Cape MTB in previous years plus are available to answer all of your training questions.

Don’t just take our word for it – here is some feedback from riders who took on the 12 Week FTP Training Program at the 2016 Cape to Cape MTB!
FTP training clip

So what are you waiting for? If you want to take your riding experience to the next level, smash huge chunks of time off your previous years stage results or simply have the best possible time with enough energy at the finish to spend time with the family, this upgraded plan is for you and the prizes are absolutely frothing!

12 weeks till the Cape to Cape MTB is creeping up fast, so make sure you sign up before 9pm on July 30th, 2017!


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