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Stage 1

2018 Stages are yet to be released! Please use 2017 stages as a GUIDE ONLY.

Stage 1: Xanadu Wines 

Thursday 19th October 2017





The celebrations for the tenth anniversary of the Cape to Cape MTB will commence from the beautiful Xanadu Winery on Thursday 19th October with riders setting off in search of the epic trails of Margaret River. The network of trails that have evolved over the past decade of the event will form the basis of the first stage that will be littered with the old and the new when it comes trails.

First up on the radar will be the Ten Mile Dam as riders head south east from Xanadu and into a whole new area that is yet to feature in previous events. Gentle, rolling trails out and around the Dam will get the legs warmed up before riders are confronted by a couple of small pinch climbs as the riders head back in towards the Margaret River township and Bussell Highway.  Riders will cross the highway and make their way into Riverglen and then across to Wharncliffe Mill, trails that have made a regular appearance over the past few years.

The real fun then begins when riders will tackle the challenging but rewarding Chimney Trail on their way to the revamped Compartment 10 area of the Pines.  Featuring for the first time at the Cape to Cape MTB, a fresh alignment through these trails will have riders in a world of froth before they exit into the renown Pines area. To make the most of the excellent trail network in the Margaret River Pines riders will complete the Burnside Loop in an anti-clockwise direction, a familiar yet vastly different experience for those riders who have competed in the event before. Blasting through Burnside will have riders going full gas in to a quick alignment back into Compartment 10 before exiting at the bottom of the Pines and crossing Carters Road.

Now this is where it get’s exciting as we race to the finish! A new alignment through the South Carters network will see riders exiting on to the Margaret River Trail. It is here that the engines will go from fifth to sixth gear and riders will really pick up their pace as they approach the final 10 kilometers of the stage. Blasting along the side of the Margaret River and a few back roads will have riders reach Caves Road where they will complete a small stint of bitumen to get across the river before ducking back in to a mixture of trails and back roads. This fast-flowing alignment will have riders crossing Wallcliffe Road with around 1.5km to go and entering Xanadu through the rear of the property for a sprint to the finish line.

With the normal climbs, sand, beach and brutality of Stage 1 being replaced for 2017 by a fast and flat special stage it is predicted that the race for the lead in the Elite Male and Elite Female categories will be a lot tighter.  Will we see a bunch sprint or a solo victory on Stage 1?  Whatever the outcome, it will be a stage for the memory books for every rider who competes!


With so many new features throughout Margaret River Special Stage 1 it is hard to pick a clear highlight for the stage!  For those riders in it for the overall froth, well then it would have to be the network of trails in Compartment 10 that will feature in our event for the very first time (but not the only time in 2017)!


Xanadu Winery has been a consistent part of Cape to Cape over the past ten years serving as both a start/finish line but also a regular nightly dinner venue. It is renown for its 1.5km entry driveway that has often been the deciding factor in the race to the Finish Line of Stage 2!  The trails around Wharncliffe and Riverglen are some of the original mtb trails with Wharncliffe previously hosting a state championship round well before the first Cape to Cape event in 2008.


Feed Option 1: This feed zone will be located at the 21.5km mark of the stage. This is where riders cross Bussell Hwy, approximately 500m North of Carters Road. Please feed on either side of Bussell Hwy before or after the dismount point.  Cars must be parked off the highway to avoid interference.

Feed Option 2: This feed zone is located at the 39km mark of the stage. This is where riders cross Carters Road at the exit of the Pines on the west side of the road bridge. Vehicle access will not be possible to this area during the race so handlers will be required to walk 1 to 2kms from the road closure.

Water Point:  Please note that an “event managed” water point will be located in The Pines at the top of Compartment 10 at a location that will be approximately half way into the course.


Spectators can drive up to the corner of Burnside Road and O’Neill Road to get a glimpse of riders as they approach the 33km mark of the race. To get into this section of the course spectators will need to walk into the trails off Burnside Road to find the intersection with the intended ride path.

Alternatively, spectators can also drive up to Wharncliffe Mill and park here where they can then walk in to watch riders tackle the River Glen Trail. A further walk will also see spectators enter in to the Pines Area where they can catch riders passing by.  Cars will not be permitted to enter and drive around The Pines during this stage.

If you are unable to move around, or would like to stay in one area, the Start/Finish area at Xanadu will constantly be busy with the staggered starts and finishes throughout the day and will provide a great viewing position.

Please see the Information Tent or follow our Facebook page for updated Spectator Locations.



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