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Stage 2

2018 Stages are yet to be released! Please use 2017 stages as a GUIDE ONLY.

Stage 2: Leeuwin Estate

Friday 20th October 2017





This is one to get excited about, well actually all four stages in 2017 are ones to get excited about but Stage 2 will bring some nice surprises!  Whilst a lot of the trails that will feature in this stage also form part of the normal Stage 2 route our Race Director thinks he has created the ultimate stage as the usual road start and finish is replaced by awesome back trails and off-road tracks whilst the best part of the course remains.

The stunning start/finish destination of Leeuwin Estate will have rider’s beaming from the crack of dawn as they line up to head south along new and old parts of the Rails to Trails track. Continuing along a variety of back trails for 19km will have riders travel through the Jarrahdine area, which was used in the early years of our event, before entering the incredible Boranup Forest via Vlam Road. This is where the real fun begins!

In the first couple of years, Stage 2 of the Cape to Cape MTB comprised of almost 50% bitumen with minimal singletrack. In recent years, Stage 2 has included close to 20kms of singletrack as riders enter the forest from the southern end of Boranup Drive. For 2017 riders will be treated to almost 30kms of singletrack and awesome connecting trails through the scenic Boranup Forest! The new entry point further north has allowed the inclusion of never before ridden singletrack before commencing the ‘Old Faithful’. It will be the stage that could break you so keep up the nutritional intake to ensure you survive with a grin on your face!

The ‘Old Faithful’ includes the traditional alignment from the south of Boranup including Two Pints of Guinness, Emu and Vincent, Tunnel Run, Lord of the Rings, Donovan, The Quarry, Georgette before culminating down the epic Highway to Hell. Like a deliverance, riders will fly out the end of Highway to Hell and on to Contos Road in front of one of the most spectacular ocean views of the event, and the entire region!  This is the ideal time to find some mates and get the group rolling as riders tackle the Contos Climb as they have done in previous years.

Make the most of the relatively smooth sailing along Contos because just shy of the 51km mark riders will make a left hand turn and head toward Bob’s Hollow out to what can be a decisive point in the race for the lead. An approximately 3km long stretch of sandy double track split up by limestone outbreaks will pop riders out on to Caves Road for a short section of respite before entering what we like to call Brooksy’s Concoction. Exiting the twisting and winding pea-gravel covered singletrack leaves around 6kms on the clock for the stage and it is time to switch on the after burners. Tackling a bunch of back roads will require maximum power to be put to the pedals as riders head towards the Leeuwin Airstrip and the finish of this epic stage!

You may choose to test the endurance and spin back to town, or you could organise a lift and make the most of the stunning Leeuwin Winery surrounds, or you could do both!  Either way, Stage 2 promises to be another one for the memory books!


Highlights of Stage 2 is an easy choice, the loamy singletrack goodness of Boranup Forest is a winner with everyone. With almost 30km of loamy goodness awaiting the WA locals will be loving the escape from the regular pea gravel that they normally ride whilst the overall grandeur and experience of the magnificent Karri Forrest will be one for all riders to cherish for years to come.


Stage 2 in 2017 is a real celebration of how far the Boranup Forest trail network has come since the inaugural event in 2008.  With only the limestone roads and 4WD tracks used in the inaugural event it was an approach from a local lad offering to show a bunch of secret single trail that opened up the incredible alignment we now know and love. From year to year the network of trails through Boranup have been refined and added to with the combination for Year 10 considered the best yet!


Please note that Boranup Dr will be closed to through traffic from the Northern intersection of Boranup Drive and Donovan Road as well as the Southern intersection of the course and Boranup Drive (west of Boranup Drive and Caves Road) from the Lookout onwards. All handlers and spectators will be required to travel back up Caves Road from South to North to intersect riders.

Feed Zone 1: This feed zone will be located at the 25km point of the stage. This point is found at the Southern entry of Boranup Drive, a right hand turn off Caves Road, approx. 5km south of where the race course crosses Caves Road at Vlam Road.  Please do not park or feed at Vlam Rd.

Feed Zone 2: This feed zone will be located at the 38.5km point of the stage. This point is found at the intersection of Boranup Drive and Donovan Road. Entry will be a turn off Caves Road on to Boranup Drive (north entry), slightly south of the Giant Cave.

Feed Zone 3: This feed zone will be located at the 50.5km mark where riders will make a left turn off Conto Road on to the sandy track up to Bobs Hollow. Entry to this area will be accessed by turning off Caves Road on to Conto Road, south of Forest Grove Road.

Water Point:  The water point for all riders will be located just after the half way point of the stage 2 course at the intersection of Boranup Drive (north entry) and Donovan (part of the selected route).


All 3 spectator points for Stage 2 will be the same as the Feed Zones to limit traffic found on course. Please find information on how to get to these points in the FEED ZONES FOR ‘TEAM’ HANDLERS section.  We recommend going to these locations to minimize the impact on the surrounding areas as much of the course for Stage 2 winds through Boranup and Contos. All traffic trying to access other locations will have an impact on the course and overall rider experience.

Please see the Information Tent or follow our Facebook page for updated Spectator Locations.


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