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Stage 4

2018 Stages are yet to be released! Please use 2017 stages as a GUIDE ONLY.

Stage 4 –  Margaret River

Sunday 22nd October





What more to look forward to on the final day of the 2017 Cape to Cape MTB than a traditional style loop through the Margaret River Pines? Maybe you are looking forward to some refreshments on Sunday night but before that it is time to tackle one of the best alignments of trail you can ride, one that has become synonymous with our event over the past 5 to 6 years. It isn’t all status quo however with a few small changes thrown in for good measure.

It all starts in the heart of Margaret River on Bussell Highway, a stones throw from the Event Village and some of the best cafes in the area. Replacing the traditional roll-through town, riders will start Stage 4 smack bang on the main street of Margaret River.  The start will be via a controlled rollout as riders head down Bussell Highway before making a familiar left hand turn on to Carters Road where they will race their way towards the left hand entry to South Carters. It is a blast from the past from here on in with a traditional outside loop of South Carters being completed before shooting across the road and into The Pines with a climb up towards The Farm.

Smashing through a clockwise lap of the Burnside Loop riders will hit Princess Leia and the Return of the Jedi, bringing them back out in to the North East corner of the Margaret River Pines where they will pump and jump their way through some of the old favourite tracks that have stood the test of time.  It is here where the changes happen, with the redevelopment of Compartment 10 it would be rude not to make the most of the trail network and put together one epic alignment. The following 10km or so will have riders grinning from ear to ear as they ride a combination of old and new trails before making their way up to the northern crossing of Bussell Highway.

Once crossing Bussell Highway it will feel like familiar territory to some extent as riders make their way along previously used trails towards Colonial Brewery via Swing Road. The saving grace is that the dreaded final climb up to Colonial is not on the agenda!  Instead riders will make a right hand turn and make their way back to the Ten Mile Brook trail for a run along the northern side of the river back into town. This awesome piece of trail will bring riders to a beautiful crossing of the river where a waterfall runs underneath as they then pop out in front of the Hairy Marron cafe for one last cheer from the crowds as they turn to make their way to the finish. Stage 4 is the one stage with a slightly different start and finish line but don’t stress, they are only a few hundred metres apart with the finish being at the Margaret River Primary School (on the south-east side of the Wallcliffe Road / Bussell Hwy intersection at the top of town).

Cross that line and feel the emotion of completing the best four day stage race in Australia! Be sure to hang around the Event Village with presentations throughout the rest of the day and soak in the atmosphere as well as sample some of the best produce the South West has to offer!


Much like all the other stages in the 2017 event, Stage 4 is also a hard stage to choose a highlight for but most riders will agree that the inclusion of all of the Margaret River Pines trails is a great way to end the epic 4 days of riding. Personal favourites will arise but it is certain that every rider will have a huge grin on their face even through all the pain of 4 days riding in their legs!


Traditionally known as the Margaret River Special Stage 3 in previous years, Stage 4 in 2017 is a relatively well known alignment. The main street of town has been used for the last four years as a roll through location to start the stage. But the real history is a showcase of the development of the Margaret River trail region after our event crew built the first lot of trails in The Pines back in 2009 which started the momentum that now sees this whole area covered in a frenzy of awesome trails, capped by the opening of Compartment 10 at the end of last year with more additions to come.


Feed Zone 1: The feed zone for Stage 4 will be located at the 28km mark of the stage. This is where riders will come out to cross Bussell Hwy, slightly north of the Margaret River Airport. It is recommended that the feed is conducted on the West side of Bussell Highway before riders reach the dismount point. Parking will be available in this area.  Please do not park on Bussell Hwy!


Due to the road closures in place for Stage 4, vehicle access to the spectator points will be very limited and it is recommended that spectators walk in to where they would like to view riders. Riders can be seen anyway in the Pines area which can be accessed by taking a walk alongside the Margaret River and Carters Road before reaching the trail head at the entry to Wharncliffe Mill.

Spectators will also be able to view riders as they come past the Hairy Marron cafe on their way to the finish line. The first riders are expected through this point at around 9:30am which allows a perfect amount of time to grab a coffee and have a stroll through town!

Please see the Information Tent or follow our Facebook page for updated Spectator Locations.



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