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Overview + History

The Cape to Cape MTB was first held in 2008 to a field that only reached about 100 participants. Nine years later it now holds the title as Australasia’s biggest MTB multi-stage endurance race with our biggest field going over 1300 competitors last year.

In that first year we started out with a vision, a grand plan to introduce a new major mountain biking event to the magnificent South West of WA. An event that engages the community, showcases the fabulous countryside and something that riders would enjoy and return to year after year.

From the outset we saw this event as unique, “a ride not a race”! But over the years more and more people turned up to “race”, not just at the pointy end of the field but back in the middle and against their mates and also strangers. These strangers soon became friends and many people return each year not just for the ride or race but to catch up with old friends both on the course and at the finish lines.

Along the way we have had some hiccups, including losing a few riders to only find them stuck at a local winery, but we have been prepared to have a go and are working hard to improve the experience and the course year after year – most importantly always trying to maintain the friendly, fun vibe that has become the trademark of the Cape to Cape MTB.


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