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Become a Triple Crown Legend

What’s better than riding one Aussie Epic Series MTB bike stage race? Riding all three.

Once you have completed Port to Port, Reef to Reef and Cape to Cape you will have ridden the Triple crown, and you will become a Triple Crown Legend. As well as the awesome achievement and having the best MTB holidays ever, Triple Crown Legends will be rewarded with a shiny new Triple Crown belt buckle.

Take it straight to the pool room or wear it with pride as you remember all the fun trails, good mates and cold beers you enjoyed in earning your Triple Crown Legend status. You’ll also enjoy widespread fame as you are added to the Legends list on our websites.



How do you become a Triple Crown Legend?

Enter and complete all three of the Australian Epic Series mountain bike races as a four day rider.

Complete the races solo or in a pair, in any order, and at any time (in one year or across multiple years) and you will receive Triple Crown Legend status and belt buckle.

From Cape to Cape 2019 this will be awarded at the race where you complete your Triple Crown.

Your name will also be listed as a Triple Crown Legend on all our Australian Epic Series websites.


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