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Cape to Cape riders will receive an official Cape to Cape T-shirt and Trucker Hat as part of their entry fee. Collect these when you register and pick up your rider pack on Wednesday or Thursday.

Below is some of the kit you’ll be able to purchase at Cape to Cape. Get yourself a cool souvenir that lasts longer than the bruises and sore muscles (and definitely looks better).

You can only get your hands on the great merch range at:

  • Registration (Leeuwin Estate): Midday – 7pm
  • Stage 1: 7am – 2pm
  • Stage 4: 7am – 2pm

Official Event Merch

C2C jersey 1366x768

Riding Jersey

You'll be loving lycra when you're looking awesome and shredding in the Cape to Cape jersey.

Mens and Womens cut available.


C2C biblong 1366x768

Rider Bib

Keep your bits super comfy in a riding bib and destroy the myth that riding bibs aren’t cool.

Mens and Womens cut available.


C2C ridingtop 1366x768

Trail Top

Look awesome and protect yourself from sun and scratches with a Cape to Cape technical tee.


C2C bibshort 1366x768

Riding Shorts

Shiny, comfy and rad. You'll be the hottest thing on the trails in these riding shorts. 

Mens and Womens cut available.


C2C womenstee 1366x768

Riding Tee

Don't just cover your body, cover it in cool with a Cape to Cape technical tee.


C2C nametee 1366x768

Rider Name Tee

A great momento of your event that even has your name on it, yewwww.

Mens and Womens.


C2C hoodie 1366x769

Event Hoodie

Bonus FOMO points when you whip one of these out after your next ride. Look great and remember the awesome event you were at in October 2019.

It’s win-win really.