C2C Title Defence Would Secure Triple Crown For Johnston

2 October 2018

Canberra’s MTB superstar Brendan Johnston returns to the four day MTB stage race, Cape to Cape, to not only to defend his title but become the first rider to secure the Australian mountain bike stage racing calendar’s prestigious MTB Triple Crown.

With wins at Port to Port (Newcastle) and Reef to Reef (Cairns) already part of an outstanding 2018 season, Johnston is hoping his sensational form will continue when attention of the MTB world shifts to South West region of Western Australia and the iconic Cape to Cape.

Johnston said Cape to Cape once again promises to the race of the year and while he is keen for back to back titles, he knows he has a task ahead of him.

“Reef to Reef was a good week, lots of fun, good riding and I really enjoyed it. It went well for a first event and it will continue to be refined and get even better. I won Cape to Cape last year as well, but it would be nice to win Port to Port, Reef to Reef and Cape to Cape all in the one calendar year.”

“Port to Port and Reef to Reef turned out really well and anything is possible. If I can remain consistent over the four days it generally pays off.”

“It is looking alright. I have had some good battles with Cam Ivory this year and I am sure he will be in good shape. He is going very well and there are always some strong guys over there. I think it is the toughest one to win out of the three and potentially being the last individual Cape to Cape before it swaps to the pairs format I really want to get some success there. It is definitely possible,” he said.

Brendan believes that the key to Cape to Cape’s success is not only the stunning trails and scenery of the South West region of Western Australia but the ability of the event to continue to evolve and improve.

“Last year’s Cape to Cape was awesome and the course was an improvement on previous years and from what I have heard this year may even be better.”

“Cape to Cape is different in many ways, the surface actually in pea gravel, small little rocks that are really slippery to ride on. It takes a few days to get used to it. Luckily I am going over on the Monday to do some media and stuff so I will have a couple of days of riding on the trails and will be well prepared for it.”.

“Each event has their own climbs and different styles of climbs and particularly day one at Cape to Cape is the climbing stage with some steep stuff from Cape Leeuwin that is a really good test. So, day one could potentially put a stamp on who is going to be fighting for the win.”

An innovation of Cape to Cape 2018 is the fast, furious and very spectator friendly Urban Time Trial on Friday afternoon at 4pm at the Margaret River Skate Park, offering riders all important time bonuses and giving everyone the opportunity to kick back and enjoy the racing up close on the hot new pump track around the skate park.

“The Urban Time Trial will be a great spectacle for the crowd as these shorter events in the afternoon always are. It is great for the locals to come out and see how it happens at the front of the field. A time trial doesn’t suit me as much as a 15-20 minute criterium would. Someone like Cam is very strong over that distance. He has gone very well in some National Road Series prologues which are a similar distance so that will be in his favour or others, not necessarily myself. My plan will be to stay in the top five and limit my losses with the time bonuses. “

“Cape to Cape is an event I really enjoy and I am keen to get over there. My wife Sue is coming over again and she really enjoyed it last year. We loved the area and the way the event allows you get around and see so much as well as being the most competitive race in the country. Which is pretty cool,” Brendan said.