Start Procedure

Cape to Cape 2019 welcomes the introduction of teams racing along with our traditional solo categories, however we understand seeding is an important system be able to maximise enjoyment on the course for all riders in all categories.

Stage 1 will see a top 200 grid made up of Elite riders both teams and solos. This will be made up of riders who have finished in the top 200 at a past Epic Series event (Cape to Cape, Port to Port, Reef to Reef, The Pioneer, Cape Epic). If you feel you qualify for this please email the race director for consideration.

All other riders will then self-seed for the start of the race. On the completion of Stage 1 you will receive a coloured dot that will determine your start time for the remaining 3 stages.

Each wave (stages 2-4) will see 200 riders per wave, a mix of teams and solos, however the grid will prioritise teams at the front of each wave.

Stage 1

Time Details

First wave of elite riders teams & solos with teams at the front of the wave.


First wave of elite riders teams & solos with teams at the front of the wave.

On finishing Stage 1 riders will be seeded into the below via coloured dot system which will determine their start for subsequent stages.

Stage 2, Stage 3 & Stage 4

Time Category Colour Dot
8.00AM TEAMS Black
8.02AM SOLOS Black
8.05AM TEAMS Blue
8.07AM SOLOS Blue
8.10AM TEAMS Red
8.12AM SOLOS Red
8.15AM TEAMS Green
8.17AM SOLOS Green
8.20AM TEAMS Pink
8.22AM SOLOS Pink
8.25AM TEAMS Light Blue
8.27AM SOLOS Light Blue
8.30AM TEAMS Yellow
8.32AM SOLOS Yellow

On Course Info

Please use the 2018 information below as a guide. Your 2019 information will be available shortly. 

Water Points

There will be two water points on each stage, check out the course info pages for these locations.

Spectator Points

Each stage will have at least two spectator points that will be the best spots on course to cheer on your mates. Check out these maps for the best spectator locations:


The Cape to Cape uses an advanced electronic timing system that provides all competitors with an accurate race time based on when they cross that Start and Finish lines. The seat post sticker contains a low frequency chip so it is important that this is applied and maintained as per the instructions in your race pack and race guide.

content mates mass start handshake

Wave Starts

For stage one each rider will be asked to seed themselves based on ability and expected ride time. Elites and top 200 finishers of past Epic Series Races will be given priority entry at the front.

At the stage one finish line riders will be allocated a coloured dot representing the waves they are allocated to begin the following day’s stage.

The first 200 riders in the elite rider’s group will be followed by waves of 100 -150 riders each. Each zone will This system will be used for stages 2 - 4.

If at any time you believe you should be in a faster or slower start zone (due to mechanical or other reasons) please visit Race HQ at the finish line discuss with our Race Manager.

Start zones for the start of stages 2 - 4 are as follows:

8:00am – Black Dot
8:05am – Blue Dot
8:10am – Red Dot
8:15am – Green Dot
8:20am – Pink Dot
8:25am – Orange Dot
8:28am – Purple Dot
8:30am – Gold Dot

If you have any further questions please email us at:

Diversions and Time Penalties

The Cape to Cape has been designed for riders of all abilities that are looking to challenge themselves. As a result our objective is to keep all riders in the event for as long as it is possible but without compromising the safety of other riders or members of the event team.

  • Diversions – the Race Manager will monitor the pace of each group with an expectation that all riders can maintain a minimum speed of 10 – 12 kmh so that they can complete the course within the allotted time limit. Failure to do so will mean that riders, at the discretion of the Race Director, can be diverted onto a shorter route to the finish.
  • Time Penalties – the Race Director has the ability to apply a time penalty to any rider that is found to have not complied with any of the following rules;
    • Failing to dismount at a marked dismount point or comply with the road rules.
    • Littering or careless disposal of ties on course.
    • Offensive language or antisocial behaviour that negatively impacts the ride experience of another competitor.