Ride Guide

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This is the ultimate guide! Outlining everything you need to know for the event and the logistics.

The digital Ride Guide will be available online for all riders approximately one month prior to the event.

Race Village Services

The Cape to Cape Race Village is located at the finish line of each stage and will contain everything you need post ride each day including bike mechanic and bike wash. You can just relax, soak up the atmosphere, refuel and hang out with fellow riders.

The daily awards will also be held at the finish line each day – so you don’t have to go too far to collect your leaders jersey.

On Course Info

Water Points

There will be two water points on each stage. More detail on location of these to come soon.

Spectator Points

Each stage will have at least two spectator points that will be the best spots on course to cheer on your mates. We will publish a spectator viewing map soon, along with directions on how to find these points.


The Cape to Cape uses an advanced electronic timing system that provides all competitors with an accurate race time based on when they cross that Start and Finish lines. The seat post sticker contains a low frequency chip so it is important that this is applied and maintained as per the instructions in your race pack and race guide.

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Wave Starts

Riders shall start in waves according to their riding ability. Wave starts are designed and intended to mitigate any potential congestion on course to ensure that all riders have the opportunity to ride without being delayed by other riders of lesser ability.

Note that your race time does not commence until you cross the timing point on the start line.

If at the completion of any of the stages you believe it is appropriate to move up or down the start waves our staff can happily discuss this with the rider.

Wave start times are based on your expected ride time which is nominated by you as you seed yourself into the start chute on day 1 of riding.

As riders roll over the finish line on day 1, each rider will be given a coloured dot, each coloured dot symbolizes where you will start for the rest of the stages.  

If you have any further questions please email us at: capetocape@ironman.com

Diversions and Time Penalties

The Cape to Cape has been designed for riders of all abilities that are looking to challenge themselves. As a result our objective is to keep all riders in the event for as long as it is possible but without compromising the safety of other riders or members of the event team.

  • Diversions – the Race Manager will monitor the pace of each group with an expectation that all riders can maintain a minimum speed of 10 – 12 kmh so that they can complete the course within the allotted time limit. Failure to do so will mean that riders, at the discretion of the Race Director, can be diverted onto a shorter route to the finish.
  • Time Penalties – the Race Director has the ability to apply a time penalty to any rider that is found to have not complied with any of the following rules;
    • Failing to dismount at a marked dismount point or comply with the road rules.
    • Littering or careless disposal of ties on course.
    • Offensive language or antisocial behaviour that negatively impacts the ride experience of another competitor.

Training Program

Get the most out of your Cape to Cape MTB thanks to the coaching team at FTP Training.

Enter Cape to Cape MTB before midnight Sunday 29th July 2018 to receive a 12 week FTP program worth $79 for free or to redeem a $79 discount off their Bronze and Silver training programs.

We’ll send you a link to register for your FTP training package in your registration email so keep an eye out for that in your inbox!

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