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The Epic Series App has everything Cape to Cape riders and spectators need to know…event info, results, course and spectator spot maps, videos and the event schedule.

If you’re not riding Cape to Cape you can follow all the action in the event feed and drool a bit over daily highlights videos. 

And when you have a spare moment, over a quiet beer, you can check out the other awesome Global Epic Series mountain bike stage races.

Search for ‘Epic Series’ in the Apple or Google Play App stores. 

Ride Guide

Please see below the 2021 Cape to Cape Ride Guide.

This is the ultimate guide! Outlining everything you need to know for the event and the logistics.

2021 Ride Guide

Rider List

Riders Category is based off their age as at 31 December 2021. For more information on Categories see Entry Info Page.

To search your name press 'control (ctrl) F' on your keyboard and then type your name in. Alternatively scroll the list to your age group. Rider list up to date as at 29/9/2021. Please note the Rider List online won't be updated prior to the event. Please view the app.

Pairs Rider List

Solo Rider List 


Stage 1

We recommend dropping your riders off at the Start Line at Cape Leeuwin. If you are early, it’s a short the walk to the start line where you can get a feel for the atmosphere and grab a coffee. If you want to see the riders on course we recommend getting out of there before the race briefing and stage start at 9am and heading out to the middle of the course.

Stage 1 is fairly short at less than 40km so we suggest getting into the middle of the course where you can see some of the action.

Head to the bottom of Greenhill Road and the intersection with Diana coming from the Augusta township side and park then walk up Greenhill and into the course. Here you will see one of the most spectacular descents in Stage 1 amidst the beautiful Karri trees and a nice single trail that runs off to the north.

If you get out there early enough you’ll see the elite riders and be amazed at the speed that they come down this section of the course. Once you have seen your riders go through this section you can cheer on the others before heading back to the finish line at the Lighthouse. Enjoy the rugged ocean scenery and enjoy a bite to eat and drinks along with the rider’s stories from Stage 1.

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Stage 2

The Margaret River Stage is a fully closed course with very little access by car. 

We encourage you to either park at one of the main spots within the town site and walk the Rails to Trail to Carters Road and the entrance to The Pines. 

Please note, Carters Road is still open, so cross with caution when you reach The Pines.  Here the course intersects on a number of occasions and you can either walk north east to see the riders first come down near Ashton Road and Fox Rd, or walk north west as the riders cross through the many different trails The Pines have to offer.

If you want to drive north out of town to a different spot take the highway and go through the new roundabout and head north toward The Pines.  Take the first little offshoot road into The Pines which runs parallel backwards to the Highway.  Park on the off-road here and then proceed by foot into The Pines where the course comes in and out of the surrounding fire roads and trails a number of times. 

Please note that cars cannot access The Pines areas past the two outside roads due to rider safety issues.  Please also obey the instructions of all event marshals in this area. 

Once you have enjoyed either the Rails to Trails walk from town or the Pines from the highway access make your way back to Colonial Brewing Co. to the Start/Finish and enjoy the festivities, presentations and celebrations.

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Stage 3

The Colonial/Middle Earth stage is the most difficult one for spectators as the trails we use to get out to and back from Middle Earth are difficult to access by car. It is important that spectators stay off the course on this stage as the few roads that we do use are still open to traffic and spectators in these areas can cause risk management issues with other road users.

Instead we encourage you to drop your riders off at Colonial and then head into Cowaramup for breakfast and coffee.

Then head out to the intersection of Treeton Rd North and Carbanup Rd South. Here the course comes from the south up Carbanup Rd and there is a small offshoot trail down to a water crossing.

You can park either on Treeton Rd North or Carbanup Rd away from the course, it is a great spot to see the riders.

You can then proceed north up Carbanup Rd – but do so with caution as you will soon come back upon the course. If you proceed further along you will go past the Boundary Rd intersection and further north come upon the outskirts of Middle Earth where you can park and proceed in by foot to find the labyrinth of trails.

Once you have explored this section of the course, head back to Colonial via Cowaramup and the main highway to enjoy a beer with the riders and hear all of the great stories from Stage 3 and Middle Earth.

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Stage 4

The best place to view all of the action for Stage 4 is at Wise Wine – Eagle Bay. 

While at Wise you will be able to access the start/finish line, see the riders come through before they head out to the epic trails of Meelup Moutnain Bike Park, and watch them tackle Lot 80 in and around Wise Winery. 

The stage 4 course will be the fastest day out on the trails which will make it difficult to catch up with the riders out on the course.  There is also limited access/parking along the course, so please don’t try and chase the race. 

Stage 4 is all about the atmosphere and good vibes with plenty of action taking place just minutes away from the start/finish line. 

So grab your mates, enjoy the food and beverage offerings at Wise Wine and cheer on your riders as they conquer the brand new Stage 4 alignment.

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Rider Badge

The Rider badge is available to any rider taking part in Cape to Cape. It can be used on any merchandise including rider kit or on your social media feed.


(perfect for your rider kit)


(for you to share on social media)

PLEASE NOTE, the right to use the official Cape to Cape logo is reserved for sponsors and partners of the event only and may not be used by individuals or non sponsors in any way.

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Sportograf – Never forget your ride!

Sportograf will be at Cape to Cape to cover your ride across all stages. Within 48 hours following the end of the final stage your personal photos will be available here.

Notice our photo spots on course and smile into the camera – even if you’re hurting.

Please be sure you have your number visible at all times so we can be sure to get the photos to you! Smile & celebrate when you cross the finish line!