The Event

How do I get there?

Margaret River is situated 272 kilometres south of Perth. Those travelling from overseas, interstate or northern Western Australia will need to board a flight into Perth Airport. The Perth International Airport has frequent services from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Abu Dahbi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Johannesberg and Auckland making it accessible for wherever you are in the world!

There are two main highways that can be taken to arrive at Margaret River. The route is well sign posted and the journey will take approximately 3 hours. Visitors arriving via Perth airport can take a very quick route along Roe Highway which flows directly into Kwinana Freeway (National Route 1- State Route 2). People already residing in Perth should begin their journey by heading out of the city south along Kwinana Freeway.

What is the approximate temperature we will be riding in?

The weather in the area ranges daily, but for the past few years the temperature has consistently been between 22°C and 27°C.

Is accommodation included in the any of the packages?

No, you must book your accommodation separately! Why not check out our Accommodation page for accommodation partners, packages or suggestions?

Can you give me some accommodation tips?

Generally riders choose to either base themselves in a central location for the duration of the event, or move along with the event as it progresses. For riders wishing to stay in a central location for the entire event and travel daily to and from the start/finish lines we recommend basing yourself at either Margaret River or Prevelly/Gnarabup (approximately a 5 minute drive west from Margaret River).

To view and book Accommodation options visit Your Margaret River Region website. Alternatively, contact one of Margaret River Busselton Tourism Associations Reservations Specialists on +61 8 9780 5911 or email

I am interested in sponsoring the event. How do I go about doing this?

A number of sponsorship opportunities exist for organisations keen to become involved with the Cape to Cape. Please contact us with your sponsorship enquiries by emailing us at

Can my business have an exposition stall at the event?

Unfortunately for Cape to Cape we do not have an expo.

How can I volunteer and help out with the event?

Email with your details and availability and we will get back to you!

What road closures will be in place?

Road closures details coming soon.


I don't have a support crew.... Can I still race?

We’d love you to bring a crew so we can all hang out, however if you can't the Cape to Cape family can look after you. We can arrange a bag drop for you at the start line for each day and with loop courses each day the you don’t have to worry about getting back to your car.
There will be water stations at the half way point but do not rely on them!

Which bike do I bring?

It would have to be one of the most commonly asked questions we receive in the lead up to the event, what bike should I bring? For some people they only have one bike to choose from but for others they have the luxury of choosing between multiple different machines. The simplest question to ask when contemplating what bike to bring is how well you want to go in the race.

Q. Do you want to excel in your category?
A. Bring the lightest bike that you have. A hardtail is perfectly fine and so is a lightweight XC Dually.

Q. Do you want to have a bit of fun but also be fast?
A. Bring a bike that has 110 or 120mm of travel up front and 100 or 110mm of travel in the rear. A lot of our single trails suit this style of bike.

Q. Just in it for fun?
A. Bring whatever bike you would like!*

Q. What wheel size?
A. A touchy subject but for this style of event a 29er is the ideal weapon of choice no matter what suspension style!

Q. Are e-bikes permitted?
A. Yes! In 2024 we have introduced a new eMTB category. For more information check out the eMTB rules here

How many litres of water would you recommend we carry?

There will be water stations at the half way point but do not rely on them. Riders will need a 2 or 3L hydration pack, like a Camelbak, for water. We also suggest riders carry a bottle of electrolytes.


I need help with my registration

No worries! Check out our registration guide for a step-by-step process. 

Registration Guide

How does the manual seeding work?

Cape to Cape our aim is for all riders to get the most out of their ride experience, with the best possible time and maximum enjoyment. Cape to Cape is a self-seeding event, so each rider is required to position themselves within the starting chute in line with their ability. The MC will invite elite riders, sponsored riders and anyone who has previously finished in the top 200 of Cape to Cape to the front grid on Stage 1, from here onward your awarded coloured dot will determine your zone. Your coloured dot is awarded based on your finish time for Stage 1.

I registered and now cannot race, what are my options?

For information on the Cape to Cape withdrawal and refund policy, please read the Cape to Cape Entry Terms and Conditions.

Eligible for Elite grading?

Simply email your MTB credentials and at least two recent results to

Can I start the race with my friends? Even we are in different categories (e.g. masters 1 and masters 2)?

Yes! You can definitely start with your friends. Cape to Cape is fun for all! The exception - The elite category is strictly for elites only. The first day is self-seeded, the following days are based on your ride time, however if you want to hang back with your mates - go for it!

The Race

What services are at the Start/Finish Line?

Each Start and Finish line will have Registration, Information, First Aid, Bike Wash and Bike Mechanics, Food and Drink for purchase

Can riders of all levels participate?

Cape to Cape welcomes riders of all abilities. Our motto is ‘it’s a ride, not a race’. We cater for everyone from the nation’s fastest elite racers to recreational mountain bikers. Don’t be intimidated, sign up and have a go.

Are there age restrictions on the event?

Riders must be 15 years or older on the day of the event. Riders under the age of 18 must have their online registration waiver electronically signed by a parent or guardian. The application must also be accompanied on the ride by a nominated adult.
Support crew under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

How can I volunteer and help out with the event?

Email with your details and availability and we will get back to you!

Is the ride timed?

Yes, the ride is timed. Rider times will be made available upon completion of each stage and will be uploaded to the website shortly thereafter. Please be patient with our timers and do not approach them at the finish line until everyone has completed the day’s stage. Preliminary results will also be available on the Cape to Cape app upon completion of the days racing.