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Pairs category, where riders will tackle the four day stage race in pairs of two.

Pairs ride in the same cycling jersey, staying no more than two minutes apart throughout the four days of riding. Pairs MTB racing is fast growing in popularity on the global mountain bike scene and has added a whole new dynamic to the sport. It provides riders with the chance to race not against, but with a mate, or family member.

The comradery and Pairs dynamics of working together through your Cape to Cape challenge, whether you are there to win, or just participate, will bring a whole new dimension to your experience.

View the Race Rules here.

Pairs Entry Categories

Cape to Cape has five different pair race categories where you ride in pairs of two. 

Your category is based on your age as at 31 December 2023. The age of the youngest pairs rider determines the race category:

  1. Male Pairs: Both riders are male 15years - 39years
  2. Female Pairs: Both riders are female 15years - 39years
  3. Mixed Pairs: One rider is male and one rider is female
  4. Masters Male Pairs: Both riders are male 40years - 49years
  5. Masters Female PairsBoth riders are female 40years+
  6. Grand Masters Male Pairs: Both riders are male 50years - 59years
  7. Great Grand Masters Male Pairs: Both riders are male 60 years+

Minimum age is 15 years at Stage 1 date.

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