Race Village Services

The Cape to Cape Race Village is located at the finish line of each stage and will contain everything you need post ride each day including food, cold beers, self-service bike wash and the Bike Dr mechanics.

You can just relax, soak up the atmosphere, refuel and hang out with fellow riders.

The daily awards will also be held at the finish line each day – so you don’t have to go too far to collect your leaders jersey.

Mechanical Support

BikeDr. will be providing mechanical support for riders at the start and end of each stage for a donation. While BikeDr. will have spare parts with them (available on a user pays basis), riders need to ensure they are self-sufficient and have with them:

  • Spare tube
  • Tyre levers
  • Multi tool
  • Pump and/or CO2
  • Quicklink
  • Spare hanger and Fiberfix emergency spoke/spare proprietary spokes.
Proceeds go to Dismantles spearhead program, BikeRescue. 
BikeRescue is a dynamic youth development program that uses hands-on skill-building to engage and mentor young people in need of support. BikeRescue builds knowledge, social skills, confidence and teamwork through various mechanical and mentoring activities. During BikeRescue, participants fully strip and rebuild two bikes each. The first is donated to charity, which earns them the second one to customise and keep for themselves. During each session, BikeRescue mentors work alongside participants while exploring their mental health, hobbies, passions, and vocational aspirations. We help them to identify their barriers, figure out how to tackle their challenges, and provide support so they can reach their potential.
To find out more about the great work that they do, go to www.dismantle.org.au.

Bike Checks

BikeDr will be providing free race checks at their CBD workshop only. Race check includes=

  • Gear adjust
  • Brake adjust
  • Safety bolts checked
  • Perishables check
  • Test ride

To book go HERE and book in under a race/ride check. Proof of C2C race entry when dropping off your bike is needed.

Bike Wash 

A self-service Bike Wash is available at the end of each stage at the finish line for FREE! Complimentary cleaner and lube will be available to use thanks to our global sponsor, Squirt.  Squirt bike products are biodegradable and friendly to the environment. Squirt Biodegradable Bike Cleaner is a mild and environmentally safe water-based alkaline degreaser free of phosphates that are well known to have a significant impact on ecosystems and can damage the health of rivers and lakes. Find out more HERE


Bag Drop

Location: BikeDr Tent at each Stage Start Line
Time: Prior to 8am
Cost: Donation

Our friends at BikeDr are here to keep your gear safe as you hit the trails. All bags will need to be collected prior to 1pm each day. Please label your bag with your name or race #.

Bottle Drop

Location: Information Tent located at each Stage Start Line.
Time Stage 1 & 4: 8.30am (All bottles must be dropped prior to 7.30am)

Time Stage 2 & 3: 7.30am (All bottles must be dropped prior to 7.30am)

We highly recommend that you start each Stage with a full bottle of water. You can get a second bottle dropped at the on course water point by the Bottle Drop service. Ensure you clearly label your bottle with your name and race number.

Bottle Collection

Bottles left at the on course water point will be delivered back to the Information tent after the last rider has arrived back at the finish line and the course has been swept. Riders can either wait to collect or collect at the following mornings stage.